Toboggan! A game of skill available exclusively at the Jack Frost Web site, using Macromedia's Shockwave technology.

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Instructions: You're Charlie Frost, and your father is a snowman. Unfortunately, the school bullies Mitch and Rory -- along with most of the seventh grade -- have decided to attack you in a massive snowball fight. Your only chance for escape is to take off on on your trusty toboggan and make a run for it.

Be quick, because they're all on your tail! They throw snowballs at you from behind, and roll snow boulders at you from above. The boulders will squash you, and you'll wreck if you hit any of the trees head on. To add to your difficulties, the seventh graders' snowballs will also knock you off course. The problem is, every time you turn right or left you slow down, and you'll have to get some speed up to outrun the snowballs.

And if that wasn't enough, the slopes are icy -- hit the ice and you'll slip one way or another, and if you spin sideways, forget it, you'll really fly out of control.

Crash nine times before reaching safety, and you'll get caught and pummeled.

Control your sled with the mouse as best you can!

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